Tolstoy Russian Immersion Daycare 8117 Lilly Stone Drive, Bethesda, MD, USA
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Yasnaya Polyana in Bethesda
Russian language Tolstoy daycare for children
from 2 to 6 years

Tolstoy Preschool opens its doors in February 2017 with a new curriculum and purpose.  The school honors the enormous educational legacy of Leo Tolstoy and his daughter Alexandra.  Both established unique schools in Yasnaya Polyana based on Tolstoy’s worldview which continues to encourage individualism, creativity and self-reliance in children.

Upon immigrating to America, as Founder and President of the Tolstoy Foundation, Alexandra Lvovna drew from her own experience with the Tolstoy schools in Yasnaya Polyana to establish unique educational and cultural programs preserving Russian cultural traditions and raising awareness and interest in the Russian language and culture among non-speaking Russian youth as well.

Tolstoy Preschool was established by Xenia Woyevodsky, former Executive Director of the Tolstoy Foundation in New York, who worked closely for many years with the L.N. Museum/Estate in Yasnaya Polyana in creating successful cross-cultural educational exchange programs for youth in New York and in Tula.

The teachers and staff at the Tolstoy Preschool are highly experienced, have strong musical and artistic backgrounds and many have taught children professionally both in the U.S. and in Russia.  Each brings a great deal of personal talent and commitment to ensure that your child’s experience will be a happy and productive one.

Our school’s educational program, methods and curriculum draw from the creative learning traditions at Yasnaya Polyana.  Our school is dedicated to providing children, ages 2 to 6 years, with a stimulating early care and education experience which promotes each child’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive development.  Through daily play and a creative environment specifically designed for each age group,  we strive to make each child’s first educational experience a positive and successful one as they continue on to middle school and high school, and later on to higher education.

Our play room is bright and cheerful, loaded with toys for all ages and interests.  We provide children with a healthy diet, tasty Russian food.  Our menu consists of a breakfast meal, a morning snack, a lunch meal and an afternoon snack.  Kids can bring their own lunches if preferred.  We are cognizant of allergies and keep a strict control on various allergens.  We offer full-day programs, five days a week as  well as half-day programs and can tailor a schedule to your specific needs.  We have mandatory nap time or quiet time daily.  Special outings, picnics and cultural events are optional.

The educational program for every age group is designed to stimulate a child’s curiosity, imagination and creativity through a strong emphasis on music, drama, dance, song, arts and crafts, physical education and free play.  Our puppet show class is not only a visual experience for children, it is a creative opportunity for children to stage productions, create sets and learn to make puppets.  Periodically and as a very special treat, we invite visitors for story hour who have a special gift for narrating stories to children and who can turn a simple reading into a magical event for children of all ages!

Art classes for each age group are integrated into our daily program.  Toddlers learn to discover and explore shapes, colors and textures while older children are encouraged to express their creativity by molding and decorating pieces, often inspired by examples of Russian folk art.

Additional information and enrollment procedures for Tolstoy Preschool are available on our website,  Visits to view the school and meet with the Academic Director can be arranged by email or by phone (301-365-3763).   We look forward to your visit and with speaking with you.

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